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Win Future Home Sellers with Smart Real Estate Ads

Flipt automatically manages your online advertising.
It combines housing data with our proprietary algorithms to target verified homeowners in your local zip codes.

Local homeowners will see your ads on thousands of websites and mobile apps, like The Huffington Post, WSJ, NY Times, Yahoo, CNN Money, Facebook mobile news feed, mobile-optimized sites and mobile apps like Spotify, Flickr, Hulu, Tumblr, Vimeo, GoodReads, MailOnline, Mailbox, and many more.

Whenever a potential home seller engages with your ads, you will receive an email and text message with their address and contact information.


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1. Claim your zip codes

Flipt shows your ads in the zip code of each ad spot. Each zip code only has 5 ad spots available, if you claim all 5 you can lock out your competition.

2. Customize your ads

Flipt automatically builds your ads and schedules them with its proprietary algorithms. You can customize these ads in your online dashboard.

3. Receive home seller inquiries

Interested home sellers will visit your landing pages and leave contact info, like a phone number or email address.

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Engage Interested Home Sellers
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Smart Landing Pages

Win more sellers with proven landing pages.

Mobile Ready

Your landing page works on both desktop and mobile devices.

Target Real Home Sellers

Since your ads are shown only to verified home sellers, you'll get higher quality inquiries with Flipt.

Automatic Home Valuation

Flipt provides automated home valuations for select regions.

Instant Notifications

Sends a text message and email notification as soon as you get an inquiry, so you can follow up fast.

Capture Early Sellers

Captures seller interest at the earliest stages of selling.

Pricing Flexible Enough For Any Agent's Budget

Our a-la-carte pricing gives you the freedom to target sellers in multiple zip codes, or lock out competing agents with exclusive status in your chosen zip. Select the budget below that fits your needs to get started. If you have a team, brokerage or larger monthly budget, please call right away for a customized plan.

Local Pro

Starts At$99 / month 10,000 Impressions

  • 1-2 Ad Spots
  • Web and Mobile Ads
  • Custom Ads To Attract Sellers
  • Email and Text Notifications
  • Performance Tracking Dashboard
  • Email Support Only
  • Get Started

Top Agent

Starts At$297 / month 30,000 Impressions

  • 3-4 Ad Spots
  • Web and Mobile Ads
  • Custom Ads To Attract Sellers
  • Email and Text Notifications
  • Performance Tracking Dashboard
  • Chat and Email Support
  • Get Started

Premiere Broker

Starts At$495 / month 50,000+ Impressions

  • 5+ Ad Spots
  • All the benefits of Top Agent
  • Lock out your competition
  • Personal Success Manager
  • Access to Training
  • Chat, Email and Phone Support
  • Get Started

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